Portfolio 2D

Polysh Design
Currently: WIP
Project: Beyond Panels
Responsibility: Lead Concept Artist, Art Direction
Software: Ps

Currently: WIP
Project: Spitfire
Responsibility: Concept Artist
Software: Ps Maya

Metil Lab
Project: Million Hearts
Responsibility: 2d Artist, 3d Artist, Managed consistent art direction.
Large 36"x24"Posters
Software: Ps, Ai, Maya, Ae

Mobile access via Augmented Reality (AR): Use the Aurasma app over the above posters. Each will launch a different segment of animation. The Aurasma Link will bring you to iTunes/Google Store if you don't already have it installed and will also subscribe you to the group to gain access.

Project: LNI
Responsibility: 3d Artist, 2d Artist
Character: Father Concept WIP Unused
Software: Ps

Project: VPapp
Responsibility: Concept Artist, 2d Artist
Objective: Prototype a interactive model of patient care for learners in the medical field.

Image coming soon